Admirals Road Upgrade


In late 2017, construction of the Admirals Road upgrade began. This upgrade has resulted in new sidewalks, pedestrian road crossings, improved lane safety, as well as lighting. This enhances Esquimalt Nation's commercial properties by way of offering controlled access to the parcels, as well as safe foot passage. 

Detailed Overview

New Sidewalks

Walking along Admirals Road has always been dangerous - particularly at night. The new upgrade outlines the installation of curbs, sidewalks and appropriate lighting on both sides of the road from Seenupin Road to Hollowell Road.


With the increase in local traffic to Admirals walk, a number of crosswalks have been constructed to ensure pedestrian safety.

Lane Safety

In the last 10 years there has been a signifigant increase in vehicle traffic. The intention of the upgrade is to provide wider lanes, designated bike/pedestrian passage, as well as enhanced intersections. 

Improved Lighting

The new Rail Trail features solar powered (need to expand) 

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