E & N Rail Trail


Songhees wellness centreA new cycling and pedestrian trail has been constructed largely within the E&N rail corridor. This newest addition to the trail system provides an important non-motorized and recreation link between Victoria and the West Shore. Esquimalt Nation worked in partnership with the Township of View Royal, CRD and the Ministry of Transportation. Esquimalt Nation contributed land and access to assist in successful completion of this community project.

Detailed Overview

Trail Construction 2018

Maplebank Road to Hallowell Road (1 km)

This section of trail will be completed in the Fall 2018. At present, the segment between Maplebank Road and the Admirals Road/Hallowell Road intersection is nearing completion. The Hallowell Road segment will be under construction from June through to Fall 2018. The CRD is working with the Island Corridor Foundation, the Town of View Royal, Esquimalt and Songhees Nations, and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on this 1 km section of trail.

Atkins Avenue to Savory School (1 km)

This section of trail will fill a 1 km gap between the railway crossing on Atkins Avenue and Savory School in Langford. Construction is planned for Fall 2018 to Fall 2019.

Future Construction

Esquimalt Road to the Johnson Street bridge

This section of trail will link Esquimalt Road and the Johnson Street bridge, in the City of Victoria. It will be constructed in part by CRD, the City of Victoria, and by area developers, as part of their development approval requirements from the City of Victoria.

Jacklin Road to Humpback Road

The final segment of trail required to complete the E&N Rail Trail is a 3.6 km section of trail from Jacklin Road to Humpback Road in the City of Langford. The Regional Trails Management Plan (2016) recommends a trail be developed along Humpback Road to link the E&N Rail Trail to Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park in the City of Langford.


  • Paved bike and pedestrian trail.
  • Currently 11km and will be 17km when complete.
  • Being developed in phases as funding becomes available.
  • Will link downtown Victoria to western communities: runs through Victoria, Esquimalt, View Royal and Langford.
  • Part of regional trails network which includes Galloping Goose and Lochside Regional Trails.
  • Supports active recreation, and provides a commuting route with reduced travel time for active transportation.

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