Special Projects

As part of the Community Plan process, the Nation has initiated the following special projects. If you are interested, or can contribute in any way, please volunteer and sign-up at the office.

Nation Chronology

The Esquimalt Nation has a rich history, which goes back before contact with Europeans. Within living memory, there are a number of important events since the signing of the Douglas Treaty that would be important to document as part of the Community Plan process. There have been events in a range of areas from Leadership to Housing, both on and off reserve. Can you help identify these events?

Language Dictionary

The Esquimalt Nation has a unique dialect of native language, very few speakers are fluent in the language. However, a number of Nation members know phrases and words of importance for common day use. Can you help us find those words and phrases, write them down and record their pronunciations? This may evolve into a website learning opportunity.

Nation Photo Album

Many families have photo albums, which contain historic and recent photographs of people in their families, events and community celebrations. The BC Archives also holds many images of historic importance to the Esquimalt Nation. Would you be willing to share your family photos? If so, please contact us. The photographs would be scanned and the originals returned. All that is needed is to clearly identify who is in each photo and what event is taking place.

The Family Tree

Various families within the community have started family trees. There is an opportunity to build a Nation Family Tree. By starting with individual families, and working with computer software, it would be possible to combine the trees to paint a picture of the ancestry of the Nation. Has your family started a family tree? Would you like to start a family tree? Would you like to help with this important documentation of who is related to whom?