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October 24th, 2019


Section 6 Notice re; proposed Tax Laws 2019-10-24

July 9th, 2019

NOTICES and information regarding the upcoming election on October 1st, 2019 can be found below...

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Esquimalt Nation Election Time Line, 2019 

June 28th, 2019: Appointment of CEO (90 days prior to election);

July 12th, 2019: Submission of Master Voters List (80 days prior to election);

July 31st, 2019: Posting of Nomination Notice, Election, All Candidates Meeting and Voters List (60 days prior to election);

July 31st, 2019: Mail Nomination Package to off-reserve members 

August 15th, 2019: Nomination Meeting (45 days prior to election);

August 21st, 2019: Nominee Filing Deadline (40 days prior to election);

September 19th, 2019: All Candidates Meeting (10 days prior to election);

October 1st, 2019: Election Day

Notice of Referendum - to be held on June 1, 2019

In accordance with section 4.2 of the IRR Regulations C.R.C., c. 957, this notice is provided to the voting members of the Esquimalt Nation that a Referendum will be held for the members to decide how Leadership will be governed. The following question will be asked in the referendum:

Do you want the Chief Councilor position to be elected by members of Esquimalt Nation, or by the 5 newly elected members of Council?

  • Option 1I want the members of Esquimalt Nation to directly elect the Chief Councilor position.
  • Option 2 - I want the 5 members of Council to decide which of them will hold the Chief Councilor position. 

Members of the Esquimalt Nation may vote either in person on June 1, 2019, between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM at The Esquimalt Nation Long House, 1201 Kosapsum Crescent, Victoria, B.C. or by mail-in ballot. 

NOTE: All voters for which we have an address will be sent a mail-in ballot package. Please note that any voter may vote in person or by mail-in ballot.

Fred P. Schiffner - Ratification Officer
Phone: 604-943-0522
Cell: 604-786-2512
Toll Free: 1-800-813-2173
Fax: 604-943-0527